WordPress Vs Wix

In this post I want to discuss a topic that I get asked about all the time – WordPress vs Wix!

Now, I’m using Wix as an example because at the time of writing it seems to be the most popular all-in-one website building subscription service. But I should mention that there are others, for example Squarespace and Shopify. Each have their differences, but the main similarity between them is that they are subscription based, and they use their own page-building software.

WordPress, however, is completely different!

What do you need to make a website?

Before we go into the differences, and the pros and cons of each, let’s talk briefly about the different components that make up a website.


All the pages, content and code that make up your website get stored on a server, and when you access the website online, you’re looking at a copy of what’s being stored. Server usage takes up both physical and virtual space. The servers also use energy, as they need to be connected to the internet 24/7 to ensure your site is always available. When you pay for hosting, you’re paying for your site to be stored on one of these servers.

Find out how to choose a web hosting provider.

Domain name

Your domain name is the address of your site. Using some funky internet magic, it directs people to the place your website is being hosted, so that you can view it. You need to register your domain with a domain provider, pay for it, and make sure it gets renewed yearly. Most hosting providers include domain registration with their services.


The front-end of your site is made up of pages that visitors can view, which are designed using code. Fortunately these days you don’t really need to know much coding to design web pages! It’s very common to use an interface such as a page-builder, which make it a relatively easy process. Templates are also very common, where the page is designed for you, and you just input your content.


Not all sites need this functionality of course, but setting up an e-commerce site is a different ballgame to having a basic brochure website, and there are a few different ways to create an online shop.

Other functionality (plugins)

Aside from e-commerce, there are other things you might want your website to do. Maybe you want an event calendar, a booking system, or a membership service. These are more than just design; they’re separately coded functions that you need to integrate into your site.

So now we’ve looked at the different components that make up a website, let’s dive in to what makes WordPress different to Wix.

Wordpress vs Wix

WordPress vs Wix – What’s the difference?

We’ve already discussed the fact that Wix is an all-in-one site builder which you have to pay for monthly. WordPress, however, is an open source Content Management System. And open source means, you guessed it, free!

However. While Wix comes with everything built in, if you use WordPress, you have to find a separate provider for your hosting and domain name, which, of course, you pay for. WordPress comes with a basic page-builder, a huge variety of templates (both free and available for purchase), or the option to code your pages from scratch, or partially.

And that’s basically all you get with WordPress initially. So, why would anyone choose WordPress over Wix? Let’s look at the Pros and Cons.

Wix – Pros

Ease of use

Wix is designed for user-friendliness. It’s simple and easy to build beautiful pages, and they have a wide variety of templates that you can edit. You don’t need to use any code, and their pre-built templates are set up for mobile optimisation.


Because everything comes in one package, you don’t need to make decisions about hosting providers, e-commerce platforms, or plug-ins. Everything is in one place, and you just make one monthly payment. It’s very simple to get started with Wix, so if you want a basic website very quickly, this might be the right option for you.

Start for free

Wix does actually come with a free option if you want to just get started and play around with templates and designs. The downside to this is that until you sign up to one of their premium plans, you can’t use a custom domain name, and Wix will display their own ads on your site.

Wix – Cons

You don’t own your site

You heard that right… Your Wix website is built on the Wix platform, using their tools, which you pay monthly for. If you want to leave Wix, you’ll have to create a whole new website elsewhere. If their customer service goes downhill, or their hosting speeds start slowing down, you’re kinda stuck with them! You can’t just migrate your site over to a different hosting provider.

Limited control and design

With Wix, you don’t have the ability to tweak every aspect of your site, or dig into the back-end and change the code. This means you’re limited if you want to try to improve things like the SEO (search engine optimisation) or speed of your site. You’re also limited in terms of design – while Wix has beautiful templates, you only have a choice out of the elements they provide for you.

Limited choice of plug-ins (apps)

Plug-ins (Wix calls them Apps) are the extra functionality your site might need, like e-commerce, a booking system, and picture galleries. Wix does come with these options, but you’re limited to the apps built by Wix. You don’t have a choice between different booking systems, for example, and if the one Wix provides doesn’t suit you, then tough luck! A lot of Wix apps are not free either, so you’re increasing your monthly payments if you want to use them.

WordPress – Pros

It’s modular and expandable

WordPress is almost unlimited in terms of what you can add onto it. If you really want to level up your designs, you could buy a premium theme builder like Elementor or Divi. Want to turn your site into an online store? WooCommerce is the most popular shop plug-in for WordPress, and it’s free! Want faster hosting? You can migrate your site over to a different hosting provider.

Huge choice of plug-ins

Because WordPress is open-source, anyone can write a plug-in, and then either sell it, or provide it for free. There are a huge number of free plug-ins to choose from. You can even code one yourself!

As cheap as you need it to be

If you have a small budget, it’s still possible to make a great site with WordPress. Your biggest necessary expense would be your hosting, and usually you can find great introductory offers and cheap hosting packages. This could make using WordPress a lot cheaper than Wix.

WordPress – Cons

More decisions to make

The world of hosting, domains and plug-ins can be overwhelming when you’re first getting started. Researching and making a decision about a hosting provider is worth putting some time into. However, this could delay you if you want to get up and running very quickly.

Some WordPress elements have a steeper learning curve

Not everything about WordPress is designed to be as user friendly as possible. If you want to dig into the core files to edit something exactly to your liking, you’ll find yourself in a world of PHP or Javascript that you might not be ready for! Some of the more extensive plug-ins can be complicated to set up and to use.

Needs more maintenance

If you use a lot of plug-ins, you need to make sure they’re regularly updated to their latest versions. Not doing so could cause security breaches, and you could be at risk of getting hacked. In general, you have more responsibility for looking after your site than you would do with Wix, who have built-in security and maintenance.

Many WordPress web designers offer hosting and maintenance as a service, after they’ve built your website. This is definitely worth considering. I have my own version of this: the WordPress Care Plan.

WordPress vs Wix – a summary

If you want to create your own website very quickly and easily, Wix might be the option for you. With Wix, you can create a simple site that looks great, without being a designer or a coder.

If you want a site that’s expandable and can grow along with your business, I would choose WordPress. If you can afford to invest in a web designer who will build and maintain your site, even better! That way you don’t have to worry about any of the cons, but can take full advantage of the power of WordPress.

If you’re just starting out in business and don’t have a website yet, take a look at my website starter package. My package is designed as an affordable way to get a professionally built WordPress website, with all support, hosting and maintenance taken care of for you.

So – WordPress vs Wix! Which one wins? Personally, the open-sourced nature of WordPress is what swings it in my favour!

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