WordPress Care Plans

Ongoing hosting, maintenance and support for your WordPress website

WordPress Care Plan: hosting, maintenance and support

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep your website working for you 24/7 to generate new leads for your business. Below are some of the highlights of our WordPress Care Plan, or check out the full list of what’s included.

Speedy Website Hosting

Website hosting is included in the WordPress Care Plan, and ensures speed, security and reliability.

Quarterly Strategy Calls

Every three months we'll give you a call to discuss ways to improve your website so that it supports your business better.

Website Traffic Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing with premium website analytics, along with monthly website traffic reports.

Maintenance and Updates

We'll be taking care of site maintenance and software updates, as well as being available to carry out any edits to the site itself.

“I am now signed up for Beth’s maintenance plan as I know my website will be in safe hands.

– Hannah Whittaker

“I now have a website that I know will remain up to date and user friendly, and that Beth is on hand to guide me in the right direction when I need her.

– Mairi Wilcock

“Knowing you are there in the background is a great comfort cusion.

– Helen Raw

Meet your website partner

I’m Beth, a WordPress web designer and website strategist. 

I work with small, serviced based businesses to run the day to day management, maintenance and security of their WordPress websites.

WordPress is an incredible website platform for flexibility and scalability – there’s a reason it’s the #1 choice for professional web designers!

But without quality hosting, proper security, maintenance and optimisation, you could find your website getting hacked, running slowly, or just breaking due to plugin conflicts.

I also believe that your website should evolve and grow alongside your business if you want it to be a valuable marketing asset.

I’m here to facilitate that, taking care of any content edits and updates for you, while making sure your visual design stays intact and your visitor experience is smooth.

Beth leaning against a wall, wearing a blue denim jacket. Beth is a WordPress web designer and runs a WordPress Care Plan for her regular website clients.

Who is the WordPress Care Plan for?

We recommend our WordPress Care Plan to everybody we build a website for. 

While it’s not mandatory to join the plan (if you’d rather host and manage your website yourself), we’ve found that clients who sign up to our maintenance plan after launch generally see the biggest return on their investment.

You’ve already invested in a professional website. Now it’s time to keep the momentum going! 

➡️ Joining our plan means you can quickly and easy request changes and edits, without worrying about messing up the design or wrapping your head around the website build system.

➡️ The quarterly strategy calls give us an opportunity to keep in touch – you can fill us in on any changes to your business, and we can suggest tweaks to the website to best reflect and support those changes.

➡️ You can also make the most of our premium website analytics included in the plan, by monitoring the amount of traffic your new website is getting, where it’s coming from, and which pages are the most popular.

You’ve probably been managing your own website up until now, but getting frustrated by the ‘quirks’ of WordPress. You know you need to do more with your site, but you’re not a web designer and you could just do with a bit of support.

Maybe your site has been hacked a couple of times – the best way to prevent this is frequent backups, secure hosting and regularly updating your software and plugins. We can take care of all of this for you!

Or maybe you have grand plans for your website but these changes are out of your comfort zone. Join our WordPress care plan and We’ll do the work for you, as well as any other ad-hoc work you need doing in the future.

You probably have a volunteer who manages your website for you, but if they’re not a professional web designer, you’re going to end up with a messy website that isn’t reflecting well on your charity.

Or maybe your volunteer has a full time job and doesn’t have the time to work on the website when you need quick changes.

If your website doesn’t look smart and professional, or is old, slow and out of date, it can hard to be taken seriously as a charity. Your website is an important asset if you want to spread your message and raise funds for your cause, so it might be time to hire a dedicated website manager.

Even if you’re relatively comfortable making edits to your site yourself, our WordPress care plan is perfect if you’re also looking for ongoing support and accountability.

We can can help you to strategically and continuously improve your website so that you’re engaging your ideal client and generating more enquiries and leads. We can then take care of the edits for you, so you can spend the time on other marketing avenues.

In our quarterly strategy sessions we can set out website and business goals for the next three months, as well as discussing your website analytics to see how we can improve visibility.

What's included: the full list

✅ Website hosting on a fast, reliable server

✅ Daily backups stored to the server

✅ WordPress core and theme updates

✅ Plugin updates

✅ A monthly ‘eyes on’ check over both the front and back end of your website to make sure everything is working correctly

✅ Database clean once per week

✅ Image optimisation (current and future)

✅ SSL certificate

✅ Licence for ‘CleanTalk’ antispam and security

✅ Licence for ‘Plausible Analytics’

✅ A site traffic analytics report emailed to you on the 1st of every month

✅ Access to your Plausible Analytics dashboard to view your stats at any time

✅ A fixed amount of available time per month from me, for web support and content edits and updates

✅ A discounted hourly rate (£25 per hour) for any work carried out that takes longer than your fixed monthly retainer

✅ A free quarterly website strategy session to keep your website goals on track.




Ideal for you if…

You have a small, simple website, and you don’t plan to change or update the content very frequently.

➡️ Includes 30 minutes of content updates and web support per month



Ideal for you if…

You plan to be active and intentional about using your website to grow your business and attract more clients.

➡️ Includes 1 hour of content edits and web support per month



Ideal for you if…

You have a large site with a lot going on, and you need regular website support, edits and updates.

➡️ Includes 2 hours of content edits and web support per month

Interested in joining our WordPress Care Plan?

Frequently asked questions

Not necessarily. For a £75 set up fee we can incororate a website into one of our WordPress care plans, as long as it meets certain requirements. If you decide you want a website redesign, we’ll build your site and set it up on one of our care plans as standard.

Usually, most edits needed are very quick for us to implement, and we’ll do our best to get them done within your allotted time. For work that needs more time we will charge a reduced hourly rate for Care Plan clients, and for larger projects we can agree on a fixed price.
Unfortunately not, as it would make it impossible for us to plan or manage our own time!

We will reccommend a hosting provider and help you with the setup of your site, but from then, all updates, optimisations and backups will be your responsibility. If your site starts to run slowly, is hacked, or stops working properly due to lack of care, we can help you fix your site at our standard hourly rate.

Yes! If you decided to go it alone and you’re having second thoughts, you’re welcome to choose a plan at a later date. However, we will charge a £75 setup fee which will include the cost of cleaning up the database, installing optimisation and security tools, and setting up analytics.

No! You can cancel at any time, and there’s no charge. However, if you want to continue to use your website you must set up your own hosting account beforehand, so that we can migrate the site over to you.

Want more in depth info about my WordPress Care Plans?

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