The Marketing Depot: A website to be proud of

Tracy, freelance marketing specialist, was a year into running her business – The Marketing Depot.

She had plenty of work, mostly through referrals and word of mouth, and had built up a bank of glowing testimonials.

But Tracy’s website wasn’t reflecting her expertise OR the brilliant results she was getting for her clients. She’d built her website herself when she was just starting out, and it wasn’t doing anything to support her business.

“I designed my website at a time when I hadn’t really nailed my offering,”

Tracy told me,

“So I tried to include everything in the hope that I could attract as many leads as possible. Because I had limited experience and portfolio it was hard to create any real evidence or even know exactly what it was I was offering.”

My website was created by myself, and looked like it was created by myself! I have since established myself and felt I needed a website which showcased what I do, and created a more professional look, while at the same time showing my personality.”

Tracy’s old website homepage

Starting with Strategy

The first step of any website redesign is the initial strategy call. During our call, Tracy and I went over the services she was offering on her current website and worked together to streamline her offering. After this, we designed a more user friendly page structure, navigation menu, and figured out the most compelling ‘Call to Action’ for her target audience.

We decided that the new website should include some case studies to demonstrate the results Tracy could get for her clients and to build social proof, as this was the thing that her old website was severely lacking.

We also discussed the best SEO keywords to work into each page, based on what her ideal clients would be searching for on Google, as well as search volume and competition score.

The Brand Refresh

Not only had Tracy built her website herself, she’d also designed her own logo and colour palette. She’d done a great job and her branding had served her well up to this point, but she felt that her colours were holding her back a little, and it was time for a refresh.

Tara, brand/graphic designer at Pie Heart Studio, worked with Tracy to redesign the logo for The Marketing Depot. Tara also provided Tracy with a curated colour palette that included the bright pink Tracy loved, and a very dark green, which gave her a more subtle and flexible alternative to the black she’d been using previously.

Finally, Tara designed a custom sub-mark which is ideal for use in small spaces, for example a website favicon, or in the corner of Instagram posts.

All this was put together in a mini brand guideline sheet for Tracy.

Tracy’s old logo:

New logo variations, fonts and colours:

A few words from Tracy:

“Tara was wonderful, it is hard to articulate to a designer/brand creator what it is you want when you don’t have specifics! But I shared the things that were important to me, how I wanted my brand to come across, and with my vague and disjointed brief she produced a brand design I am in love with.”

Wonderful Website Wording

With the visual aesthetic of Tracy’s business looking a lot more professional, we needed some professionally crafted and compelling website copy which would really engage her target audience, and persuade new clients to get in touch with her.

Website copywriter Hannah Gibson works with my clients at Pie Heart Studio to create high-converting website copy for all my website redesigns.

After a consultation with Tracy, Hannah wrote the copy for the main pages of the new Marketing Depot website.

Here’s what Tracy had to say about working with Hannah:

“Hannah was amazing, she let me talk about my business, who I want to target, and what my values are. It was actually quite a fantastic process as I had never really spoken or intently thought about the depths of my business and what it is I want to offer.”

“It was so beneficial to me even before I received my copy as it got me thinking, and I came away understanding myself and my business so much clearer than I did before.”

“I was also unsure about some of the packages I was offering and Hannah helped me break it down to what is important and how and who I wanted to target.”

The website itself

Once the the new branding and website copy were finalised, it was back to me for the design and build of the actual website!

Tracy had decided that she didn’t want to use stock images on her website; she’d recently invested in a business photoshoot and we had a bank of gorgeous, personalilty-filled photos of her to work with (This is an ideal scenario for me – I was super happy)!

One of the things I really wanted to showcase on Tracy’s new website were the incredible testimonials she’d received from previous clients, including a video testimonial full of praise for how Tracy had helped her client’s business.

This video testimonial went front and centre on her website homepage, and other testimonials were displayed across the site in a distinctive, eyecatching way.

Instead of relying on stock photos to create visual interest, I made good use of Tracy’s bold new colour palette, integrated subtle animations to draw the eye to the most important information on the page, and got creative with typography, highlighting words and phrases to make the wording more scannable.

This website redesign project was a joy to work on for me, mostly down to the fact that Tracy was an excellent client. She was willing to go all in with her investment in order to get the best results (for example her branded business photoshoot, and a premium calendly account) and to let go of the things that were no longer serving her, even though she’d created them herself.

Tracy was over the moon with her new website – here are some final words from her:

“I’m now really excited when I get the chance to direct someone to my website, it makes me feel more professional and has also given me clear direction in my offerings and messaging when I talk to leads about what I offer.”

Need a website that positions you as the expert you’ve become?

Tracy went for my Website Redesign Package – it’s a fixed price, 8-week process which includes a brand refresh and high-converting website copy.

If you have a website that isn’t doing anything to support your business, and you feel a pang of regret every time you direct someone towards it, why not get in touch and find out how a website redesign could help you.

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