SW19Lawyers: Leveling up through a website redesign

SW19Lawyers are a London law firm who needed a serious website makeover.

These lawyers wanted to position themselves as a high-end, international firm, without coming across as too stuffy and inaccessible. But their old website screamed ‘cheap high street lawyers’, and as a result, it wasn’t attracting the kind of clients they wanted to be working with.

Here’s what Louise from SW19Lawyers had to say about their old site:

“Our website was old fashioned and outdated, it didn’t flow well and it wasn’t user friendly. It didn’t give us the professional look that we needed. The branding also needed updating.”

When your website and branding doesn’t align with the kind of business you are, enquiries can often lead to a waste of everyone’s time.

Our challenge was to give this law firm a website and branding makeover, positioning them firmly in a high-end bracket.

New logo and colour palette

SW19Lawyers agreed that their current logo was letting them down in terms of the look they wanted to go for. So with the help of Tara, my graphic designer and trusted collaborator, we designed them a new logo and a refined colour palette to match.

The law firm was keen to keep the logo similar to their current one, to ensure a bit of continuity and to prevent the branding change from being too jarring for those that recognise them.

Old logo

New logo

Alternate layouts for the new logo

Curated colour palette

Here’s what Louise had to say about working with Tara on the new branding:

“Tara was efficient and understood what we wanted. She was easy to talk to and friendly, and although we didn’t go with her first set of logos, she went away and came up with what we wanted. It was easy to work with her.”

Wording and messaging

Next, we worked on their messaging and communication with their website audience.

With the name SW19Lawyers, it’s understandable that they were coming across as a very localised law firm, catering to one small area of London. This was reflected in the clients they were attracting through their website, so we needed to come up with a different way of positioning them.

Drawing on the history and gravitas of Britain’s capital city, we came up with the tagline ‘London Expertise, Global Impact’. This wording acknowledges their London roots and the lawyers’ backgrounds in top London law firms, while establishing them as an international organisation.

The tagline is clearly displayed on their new website homepage, defining the way their website audience will interpret the rest of the website.

We also edited and cleaned up a lot of the rest of the wording on the site, for better readability and communication. It was also a strategic part of elevating their position in the industry, changing headings like ‘Blog’ to ‘Updates and Insights’, and ‘Our Prices’ to ‘Our Fees’.

Here’s what SW19Lawyers had to say about the refined wording and messaging:

“It’s exactly what we wanted. It portrays us well: fresh, modern and professional.
We feel you hit the mark with representing us as a London company with ambition to grow.”

Website transformation

Now for the really exciting bit (in my opinion anyway)! Each page of their website got a brand new custom layout and design, and the structure and navigation of the site was re-ordered for better user experience.

Take a look at some before and after shots:

Old homepage

New homepage

Old ‘Commercial Law’ page

New ‘Commercial Law’ page

Old ‘Testimonials’ page

New ‘Testimonials’ page

This is what Louise from SW19Lawyers said about working with me on their website redesign:

“You were efficient and kept us on task, and you did everything you said you would do. You were professional and provided us with lots of ideas and it helped immensely as we are both time poor.
You were easy to work with especially as we need chasing sometimes!
I have found in the past other web designers who don’t come up with creative ideas and copywriting. You made it easy for us. Many thanks!”

The redesign: some highlights

➡️ SW19Lawyers wanted to maintain a friendly and accessible tone whilst positioning themselves as a high-end, international firm. The use of bright and bold accent colours and an authoritative but empathetic tone of voice made this possible.

➡️ SW19Lawyers had a lot of great reviews and testimonials, but they weren’t being showcased effectively on their old website. Previously, the testimonials had been displayed in a slider which moved along automatically, making the text hard to read. The testimonials were all grouped together, in the same order, meaning it was unlikely that anyone would get past the first one or two.

I made sure there were relevant testimonials clearly displayed on each of their service pages. On the homepage, I took snippets of their best reviews and showcased them at the very top of the page. I also created an attractive layout for their main ‘Testimonials’ page, if visitors wanted to click through and read more glowing reviews.

➡️ Part of the redesign was to revamp the website’s blog section. This included archiving old and irelevant blog posts. I also built a blog post template so that each new post that gets uploaded looks attractive and streamlined on the front end.

➡️ We also discussed what kind of search terms they’d like to be found for on Google. I carried out some keyword research to find out which keyphrases had a relatively high search volume, without being too competitive. I then optimised each page for a relevant keyword, focusing on page titles, headings, meta descriptions and internal linking.

Future support

This website revamp was a big project, but the work doesn’t stop here. SW19Lawyers joined my WordPress Care Plan, so I’ll be continuing to support them and their website going forward. We’ll be monitoring and reporting on their website traffic analytics, and hopefully we’ll see an increase in organic search hits from their preferred search terms!

Some final words from Louise:

“It’s a pleasure now to promote the website and our fresh new branding. It’s something to be proud of. The functionality and speed has certainly increased. It’s much easier to use. I‘m looking forward to monitoring the analytics.”

Does your website need a redesign?

If your current website isn’t representing your professionalism and you’re not attracting the type of clients you’d like to be working with, I can help you. Just get in touch and let’s talk about your goals.

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