Stanner Nutrition: Optimising and improving an existing site

Website Strategy Call

Mairi from Stanner Nutrition got in touch with me in January 2023 with some questions about her current website. She’d had a professional site built by an agency, but needed a little advice on how to make it more visible in search engines.

Mairi was happy to make basic changes to her website herself, so she booked in a website strategy session with me so we could discuss simple things she could do to optimise her website for search engines.

During our call we discussed some tweaks she could make to the wording on the pages so that she would start showing up in local searches. This is great when you see clients face to face in your local area (not so useful for purely online, or global services). We also discussed an SEO strategy going forward, agreeing she would focus on regularly posting some value-packed blog posts, as well as getting her current website agency to build out a couple of service-specific pages.

This is what Mairi had to say about our strategy call:

Beth is really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful- I found her advice during our website strategy session really clear and understandable- even for someone as IT illiterate as I am! I would highly recommend her to work with and I will definitely seek her out in the future!

Joining my WordPress Care Plan

A few months later, Mairi did seek out my services again!

This time she said she was interested in joining my WordPress Care Plan, so that she could benefit from ongoing support from me as well as having me on hand for any future website work or content edits.

Part of moving Mairi’s website away from her previous agency and onto my hosting server was to completely clean and optimise the back end of the website. This involved removing some malware, getting rid of unneccesary plugins and updating the necessary ones, and hooking the website up to some premium analytics and security software.

Before Optimisation

After Optimisation

As you can see from the screenshots, there was a lot that needed cleaning up in Mairi’s website! During the optimisation I deleted 21 unnecessary plugins and reduced the size of the website from 920mb to 306mb.

What does this kind of optimisation actually mean in practical terms?

✅ A faster website! A smaller total website size means your website will load faster, creating a better user experience for visitors.

✅ Better search engine optimisation – Google likes speedy websites, so the faster your website loads, the higher your chances of showing up in search results

✅ Better security. Having unnecessary and out of date plugins is the fastest way to get hacked. Not necessarily by hardcore hackers, but often by bots that spread malware.

Website Improvements

Mairi had a list of improvements she wanted me to make to her website, and I added some suggestions of my own which she was happy to take me up on.

I went through the site updating SEO titles and meta descriptions to further boost her search engine presence. I also added a cookie acceptance banner to make sure she was GDPR compliant.

Mairi’s site had an issue with her booking widget being inaccessible when viewed on mobile, so I fixed that and made sure the mobile version of the site was looking top notch.

I spent some time building a template for all her blog posts, so that they’d look beautiful and consistent on the front end every time Mairi posted something new. I also went through making sure all text sizes and colours were consistent.

Lastly I made some visual tweaks to her homepage, fixing some inconsistencies in alignment and padding. The result was a tidier, more professional looking homepage which provided a better user experience for website visitors.

Support going forward

Aside from the initial improvement and optimisation work I did for Mairi when I initially took on her website, she gets continuous support from me as part of my WordPress Care Plan. I’m keeping her website up to date and secure so that it doesn’t fall into the same state it was in previously.

This is a great example of not needing a full website redesign, just a really good tidy up and optimisation of your existing website.

If you have a WordPress website and you’d like my support, please get in touch and let’s talk about what I can do for you.

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