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Identify the problem

➡️ Do you have a niggling business problem that keeps you awake at night?

I always bang on about the improvements you can make to your website to generate more leads from your ideal clients, yada yada blah blah. But I also know that lead generation itself isn’t actually an issue for many businesses.

And it might not be your number one problem.

The beauty of a website is how flexible, scalable and functional it can be. It’s your little piece of internet to do what you like with, and you can use it as a tool to support your business. So if you have some niggling problem that’s keeping you awake at night, it’s likely that making a change to your website can help you with that.

How can your website help?

Here are some examples:

❌ Problem: People are pushing back on your pricing. They seem interested in what you have to offer, and you manage to schedule a decent amount of sales calls. But as soon as you give them a quote, they seem shocked at how much your services are going to set them back.

✅ Solution: Use your website to manage people’s expectations. Clearly display your prices on your website, possibly using a tiered structure so that potential clients can choose the service that fits their budget. Direct potential customers to your pricing page before you book that call so that there’s no big reveal during the conversation.

Problem: You’re getting the same questions over and over again from potential buyers. You’re wasting time answering these questions from people who are probably never going to buy from you, but you keep replying anyway because you don’t want to miss out on potential business.

✅ Solution: Add an FAQ section on your contact page. Include clear answers to the questions you get asked all the time.

Problem: Clients don’t understand the scope of what you offer. They sign up for your service, course, or consultation, but they’re not prepared, they have their own ideas of how the process should go, and they often seem a bit confused when it’s not quite what they’re expecting.

✅ Solution: Create a detailed service page for your offer, including a breakdown of the process, pricing, and expected outcomes. Keep testimonials on this page relevant and specific to the service in question.

❌ Problem: You’re spending too much time emailing back and forth trying to schedule meetings with clients.

✅ Solution: Embed an online scheduler into your website so clients can easily pick a time that suits them. Calendly is great for this, and you can link it to your Google calendar or set your availability so that people can only book a call when you’re actually available.

❌ Problem: You keep getting enquiries from people outside of your ideal client demographic, whereas the type of people you’d really LOVE to work with rarely get in touch.

✅ Solution: Refine the wording and visuals on your website to speak directly to your ideal client. If you’re fun and creative and you want to work with fun and creative clients, make sure your website reflects this. If you have a high-end, luxury service but your enquiries come from people with a very small budget, it’s time to change up your messaging and visuals.

Your challenge:

Once you’ve identified a problem you have in your business, try to think about a small change you could make to your website that will help deal with the issue.

I’m always full of suggestions for changes you can make to your website to troubleshoot niggling business issues. Feel free to get in touch for a quick chat if you want to talk it through!

If you have questions about anything in this article, feel free to reach out for a chat with me!

If you’re wondering how to generate more leads and enquiries through your website and you’d like my support, I offer one-to-one website consultations to help you develop a strategy for improving your website.

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This booking calendar uses a cookie to remember your choices. If you see a blank popup, please accept the use of cookies on the site and refresh the page.

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