Greedy Pig Catering: From Wix to WordPress

When your website has been created in Wix (or any all-in-one, DIY website platform), you’re eventually going to come up against limitations if you want your website to support your growing business.

This was the case for wedding catering company, Greedy Pig Catering.

GPC have been growing and expanding for a number of years – they’re hugely popular for their bespoke wedding catering in the Derbyshire area, and they’re booked up long in advance.

Their previous website had been built in Wix, and at this stage in their business, Greedy Pig Catering needed more in terms of design options, speed, flexibility, and search engine optimisation. I’ve written a whole article about WordPress vs Wix, if you’re interested.

A rebuild in WordPress would result in a scalable and future proof website for the business.

Strategic design tweaks

Greedy Pig Catering were more or less happy with the visual design of their website, but we agreed on some strategic changes to add a touch more professionalism to their website.

Homepage BEFORE

Homepage AFTER

Can you spot the differences?

Here are a few:

✅ Added a dark overlay over the background image of the top section, to improve contrast and visibility

✅ Added a short paragraph about the business immediately after their headline, so that website visitors can understand what they offer without even scrolling down

✅ Varied the background colours slightly, for more visual interest and to highlight key areas of information

✅ Added a website footer with quick links to the key pages

Content updates and SEO

As we were rebuilding the site, it was a great time to refresh some of the content, including new sample wedding menus and up to date images.

We reduced some of the wording so that their services were clearer and more concise.

We also added some strategic keyphrases across the website, aiming to boost their rankings in search engine results pages.

I carried out some more technical SEO on the site during the rebuild, including internal linking, alt descriptions for images, and meta descriptions for each page, containing our target keyphrase.

I’ve written more about how to get found on Google if you’re interested in learning about applying these kinds of changes to your own website.

Improved user experience

As well as making some changes to the structure and navigation of the website, to prioritise the most important information, we made some key improvements to the contact section.

Previously, the GPC website had three different contact pages, one for each of their types of catering: Wedding, Event and Corporate catering. Each page had its own contact form with specific questions relating to the type of catering.

It made their main menu a little hard to navigate and could have potentially been a barrier to getting in touch. Instead, we slimmed down their website to one contact form which contained conditional logic ie. if a visitor selected ‘Wedding Catering’ then a certain set of questions would show up. If they then indicated that they don’t yet have a date for the wedding, another box pops up, asking for more information.

A contact form with conditional logic is a great way to collect the information you need from potential clients, without overwhelming them with a long list of questions initially.

Site loading speed

WordPress can also be lighter and use less code than bulky platforms like Wix and Squarespace. This means faster page loading speeds, which is great for both user experience and search engine optimisation.

Websites that have a lot of high quality images (like event catering websites, wedding websites, or photography portfolio sites) can often be slow to load if the images aren’t optimised properly. I’ve written more about how to optimise website images, if you’re finding that your own website is running slowly.

After rebuilding the Greedy Pig Catering website in WordPress, we’re getting a site performance score of 90, which is pretty great!

Future support

The Greedy Pig Catering website is now benefitting from my WordPress Care Plan – I’m hosting and maintaining the website, as well as being available for any content edits and updates going forward. Every three months I have a strategy call with the GPC team, to make sure their website is still aligned with their business goals.

Fancy a rebuild in WordPress?

If you have a website built with Wix, Squarespace, or something similar, but you’d like all the benefits of WordPress, I can rebuild your site for you exactly how it is, or with a few strategic changes. You can either take advantage of my WordPress Care Plan after the site is built, or I’ll give you full training on how to edit and maintain your new WordPress website, before transferring the site over to you.

Just get in touch if you’d like to chat about this option!

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