Fresh Approach Nutrition: From Solo to Scaling Up

Sophie from Fresh Approach Nutrition was one of my first dietitian clients, and boy oh boy, have we been on a journey together!

It’s been an absolute privilege to continuously support Sophie and to work on her website as her business has evolved and grown in the time I’ve known her.

This is her story:

In the summer of 2022, Sophie got in touch with me through a recommendation from a dietitian colleague. She was practicticing successfully as a freelance dietitian, but her current website (which she’d built herself), just wasn’t reflecting her professionalism.

She knew that by boosting her credibility through her website, she’d be able to attract more clients, raise her prices, and ultimately achieve her long-term plan of scaling up her business to include more dietitians.

The Redesign

During the website redesign, we focused on a few different areas to achieve the results Sophie was looking for ie. More credibility as a professional, and website visibility.

1. Visual design

Sophie doesn’t use social media to promote her business, and she isn’t a fan of websites that look too ‘instagrammy’ (her words!). So my design leaned towards a more clinical look and feel, while still looking attractive and engaging.

The design included:

  • A colour palette using the colours from her logo
  • Full width, eyecatching testimonial sections, showcasing the amazing results she was getting for her clients and further boosting her credibility
  • Logos from the media publications Sophie had been featured in, as well as her accreditations and professional groups she was part of.

Sophie’s homepage BEFORE the redesign

Sophie’s homepage AFTER the redesign

2. Wording and Messaging

It’s always hard to write about yourself and your own business, especially in a persuasive way that’s going to engage your ideal client and convince them to buy your services.

Working with a professional website copywriter is absolutely crucial if you want to convert more visitors to clients. At the time of Sophie’s redesign I was personally offering website copywriting as a service – these days I still include professional, high-converting copywriting in my website builds, but I’ve partnered with an incredible website copywriter to take on this part of the work!

Sophie loved the wording I wrote for her website, and (spoiler alert) it really did work to boost her website enquiries!

3. User experience

On Sophie’s original website, she had a bullet-point list of all the problems she could help her clients with. I wanted to streamline her services to make it clear which areas she specialised in, so that visitors to the website could find out more about their specific problem, and the ways she could help them.

  • Three main areas of expertise, each with their own page for visitors to find out more
  • An embedded booking system so visitors could schedule a discovery call directly from the website, rather than having to send a message through the contact form first
  • Smooth, streamlined menu navigation

4. Search engine optimisation

Sophie was keen to boost the visibility of her website and make sure it was coming up in search results, so during the website build I focused on some strategic keyphrases we’d discussed in our strategy meeting, as well as building a solid foundation of technical SEO (internal linking, good HTML heading structure, meta descriptions etc).

Website launch

Sophie’s new website was launched in September 2022. Here’s what Sophie had to say when we wrapped up the project:

Beth is amazing! She took my brief and really understood me and my business to make my website and write the content for me. Very timely in responses, definitely worth the investment.

3 months after launch: an increase in business

Sophie joined my WordPress Care Plan which meant I’d be hosting and maintaining her website post-launch, as well as taking care of any content edits or updates she needed.

Around Christmas of 2022, three months after launching Sophie’s new site, I had this wonderful feedback:

“Your advice and skills in website development and content writing have definitely led to an increase in business for me so I’d like to thank you for that!”

Of course I was over the moon to hear that the new website was working out so well for Sophie. She was booking more discovery calls, taking on more clients, and her website was ranking highly in search engine results for the key phrases she wanted to get discovered for.

Scaling the business in 2023

Over the next year, I supported Sophie with all content edits and updates to her website. If she wanted to trial a new service, increase her pricing, or make changes to her booking system, I was there to make the changes on the website. My WordPress care plan clients are my top priority, and I always aim to respond and get quick changes made within 24 hours.

In August, Sophie told me that her business, Fresh Approach Nutrition, was to become a team of three dietitians, rather than just a solo freelancer!

With Aiofe and Rachel joining the team, Sophie’s website needed a bit of an overhaul.

We worked on:

Changing the ‘About’ page to a ‘Team’ page. Each dietitian needed their own bio, with a link to a page focusing on their specific area of expertise.

Wording across the site: ‘I’ became ‘we’, ‘dietitian’ became ‘dietitians’, ‘contact me’ became ‘contact us’ etc. Transitioning from solo to a team requires a bit of thought when it comes to wording and messaging, and we took the opportunity to revisit the wording across the site.

A change to the booking system: instead of just having one option when it came to booking a consultation, website visitors now had three different dietitians they could book with, all with their own schedules and client base.

SEO success

The website shakeup also made us rethink the SEO strategy for Fresh Approach Nutrition. Sophie’s new dietitians were specialising in slightly different areas than the ones previously stated on her website, so we needed to make sure their best-fit clients would still find them while searching on Google.

As with any change to an SEO strategy that’s already working, we saw an expected dip in hits from Google, but this is starting to increase again a couple of months after the change. I fully expect Sophie’s search engine rankings to build back up and exceed where she was back in September 2023 within the next few months.

There is one search term Fresh Approach Nutrition has been consistently ranking highly for over the last year, and holds the top spot for on Google, which is Bristol Dietitian.

This is an amazing result for Sophie’s business. It positions her as the top dietitian in Bristol in the eyes of people searching on Google, which will have been a big reason for the increase in business.

The future for Fresh Approach Nutrition

I’ve loved supporting Sophie and her team with the Fresh Approach Nutrition website over the last year and a half.

Sophie’s business is going from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to seeing their successes in the future.

I reached out to Sophie for some words to finish off this case study, and here’s what she said:

“Beth has been super responsive throughout the past year or so with my many website alteration requests!

No task has seemed too big or too small for her and she’s been happy to make suggestions or advise me if I have an idea but I’m not sure of the best way to go about it.

My website is absolutely fundamental to my business’ success and I would class her as a team member who I could not live without now.”

If you’re interested in a website redesign, long-term website support, or both, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll chat about how to boost your enquiries from your ideal clients!

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