Bump2baby Nutrition: an SEO success story

Hannah contacted me in September 2021, and we worked together on a redesign of her existing website. Through a consistent blogging strategy, and allowing her website to evolve alongside her business, Hannah increased her website views to 10,000 per month in less than a year.

Bump2baby Nutrition website views from October 2022 to August 2023

The Redesign

More eyes on your website means more potential clients are seeing what you have to offer, but the website itself needs to be built in a way that will engage, attract, and encourage your ideal client to get in touch with you.

Hannah’s previous website wasn’t working for her in a number of ways. It was built using a system that wasn’t particularly user friendly, meaning she struggled to edit the site herself. She wasn’t getting the support she needed from her current web designer, and as a result, she wasn’t able to update and format the content properly. There were broken links all over the place, and the website wasn’t reflecting her professionalism.

During the redesign we completed a full overhaul of the website structure, content and web copy. As well as a more professional visual design, I gave Hannah’s website visitors a more smooth and streamlined user experience.

BEFORE (Homepage)

AFTER (Homepage)

Together, we re-wrote the words for each page, focusing on writing that would clearly and concisely showcase her services to her ideal clients. We also paid attention to keyphrases that would help her show up in search engine results.

Hannah is very active on Instagram, so I linked up her Instagram account to display her latest posts each page of her website. This created a more consistent visual brand, building trust with her Instagram audience that clicked through to her website. It also meant that even if new website visitors weren’t ready to buy at that moment, they were more likely to follow her on Instagram, keeping her in the forefront of their minds.

BEFORE (About page)

AFTER (About page)

Website Evolution

When Hannah first contacted me, she was working as a pregnancy and paediatric dietitian. Over the course of the next 10 months, she niched down even further into and cows milk protein allergy and vegan pregnancy. Focusing on a small niche meant that she could really tailor her website and blog content to speak specifially to a certain group of people, and become known as the expert in her field.

Hannah had joined my WordPress care plan, which meant I was always on hand for any content edits or larger changes to the site that Hannah didn’t feel comfortable doing herself.

This included restructuring her homepage to reflect her niche, adding a new blog category and subsequent blog post design, building in recipe pages, and adding a call to action for the waitlist for her CMPA mini course, which we took down again when the waitlist became too long!

Continued Support

Hannah is taking her Search Engine Optimisation seriously – she blogs consistently every week, and shares these posts in her newsletter, which link back to her website. She checks which keywords and phrases are going to get her the best results, as well as providing genuinely useful and valuable content.

It’s been great to see Hannah’s business going from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to continuing to support her, her website, and her business as it grows!

Website not working for you?

If you’re frustrated and embarrassed by your current website, it’s not generating leads or helping to grow your business, it might be time for a redesign.

Send me a message, and we’ll chat about how I can support you.

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