5 signs you need a Website Redesign

When was the last time you gave your website some love? Is it a powerful, optimised lead magnet that you’re proud to direct people to? Or is it fading away in a dusty corner of the internet, and not doing you any favours? If so, I’m here to rescue your website! Here are 5 clear signs that it’s time for a website redesign:

Your website…

  1. doesn’t look great on mobile
  2. no longer reflects your brand and your company
  3. doesn’t capture leads or convert customers
  4. has slow loading times and an insecure connection
  5. has an out of date style and poor user experience

If you’re looking at your site and you’ve noticed any of these 5 signs, you might want to consider a website redesign. Why? If you ignore a poorly maintained, out of date site, this could actually damage your business or your cause. If potential customers or clients stumble across it, they’re probably going to be put off by your unprofessional-looking site, and go elsewhere.

Let’s dive into each one of these 5 signs and talk about what they mean for your website.

Your website doesn’t look great on mobile

This may be hard to believe, but over 50% of web traffic is now purely through mobile phones. While your website was probably designed on a desktop computer, it’s highly likely that there will be a lot of people viewing it on mobile.

If your website doesn't look great on mobile, it's time for a website redesign!
Statistics from Statcounter GlobalStats

Nowadays, people just expect websites to be mobile responsive. This means that the elements on your web pages will automatically resize to fit the screen they’re viewed on. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, that’s a sure-fire way to send site visitors running for the hills!

Your website doesn’t reflect your brand and your business

As your business grows and changes, so should your website. After all, it could well be the first place that potential clients visit before making the decision to invest in your services. If your site doesn’t accurately represent your company, your brand, and what you stand for, then you’re going to have some very confused customers.

Maybe your business has modernised over the years, and adopted a more informal ‘tone of voice’ to stay up to date with social media trends. If you wrote your website copy 10 years ago and it still has a very formal tone, then you’re potentially going to put off younger people from being interested in your services.

Or maybe you’ve worked on a logo redesign and new brand colours in the last year or so. If your website still contains your old logo and branding, these inconsistencies are going to be bad for brand recognition.

Your website doesn’t capture leads or convert customers

This is an important one. A great website is a very powerful business tool, and if you set it up properly, it can provide a very high return on investment. Ideally, your website should be pulling in clients and customers by making it easy for them to buy your products, book an appointment, or, at the very least, contact you.

If your website isn’t doing this, why not? It might be time to look into re-writing your web copy and including an obvious ‘call to action’ for your visitors. Read my tips on how to write copy for your website. or consider working with a professional website copywriter.

Your website has slow loading times and/or an insecure connection

Ok, these are two things, but they often stem from the same issue: your website was built a long time ago.

Even if you have an up to date site in terms of the information on there, over time your site can become clogged up with large images, unnecessary code, or plugins that are no longer used. You may be using a hosting provider that no longer has the fastest server speeds, and it’s time for an upgrade. Find out more about how to choose a web hosting provider.

A slow loading site means impatient visitors will quickly look elsewhere, and you’ll start to lose potential clients. If you want to check your site speed, there’s a free extension for Google Chrome which lets you do just that!

Another sign of an old site is the kind of connection it uses to its server. Have you ever stumbled across a site that displays something like this in the address bar?

An insecure connection means you might want to think about a website redesign.

Modern websites tend to use an encrypted connection, and you can obtain something called an SSL certificate to prove it. If you don’t have that SSL certificate, your web browser is going to tell you that the website you’re visiting is insecure, and could be dangerous. Definitely not what you want when trying to build trust with potential clients!

Your website’s style is out of date, and it has a poor user experience

Maybe you created your website 5 years ago and you haven’t updated it since. There’s a good chance it’s going to look pretty out of date. The world has moved on and trends are different now. We’ve been through two years of a global pandemic, and the way people use the internet is changing.

Keeping up with design trends is important if you want your website to come across as modern, progressive and welcoming. And remember, your site is a reflection of your business.

Visitors to your site will expect to navigate through it easily, and find the information they’re looking for quickly. If you’ve been adding to your website over the years, but not properly updating the way your pages are organised, you’ll end up with a messy jumble which makes for a poor user experience. Combine this with an out of date look and feel, and it’s a recipe for losing potential customers.

On the other hand, a website that looks and feels modern, professional and inviting builds credibility – one of the core pillars of a lead generating website.

Do these 5 signs look familiar? You might need a website redesign!

If you have access to your own website then you can start to go through and fix some of these changes. If you only recognise one or two of these problems, then your site won’t be too hard to rescue.

However, if you spot all 5 of these signs and decide it’s time to level up your website, it might be time to reach out to a professional!

I offer a website redesign package which takes care of everything (strategy, high-converting website copy, and a complete visual makeover). You’ll end up with a website you’re proud to share, and which will help to attract and engage your ideal clients.

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